Winter Tour 2019 Artist Joe Winograd

Winter Tour 2019 Artist Joe Winograd

A big part of Winter Tour 2019 has been the art and projections of Joe Winograd.
Joe is a multimedia artist and designer based out of Providence, RI. After a few years exhibiting art and working in creative media in New York, he moved to Rhode Island to earn his masters (MFA) in Digital+Media at Rhode Island School of Design, where he learned how to transform his digital art into interactive experiences.

Joe currently spends his energy working on creative projects across different platforms and industries locally and internationally, and is excited to be an active member of the Manifest Entertainment community here in Rhode Island. He has contributed to the artistic direction of Manifest by designing concert flyers and performing psychedelic video projections at many of the shows around Providence.

“It has been such an amazing opportunity to be immersed in such a vibrant and inspiring community of local musicians, artists and friends, and I am dedicated to finding new ways to push the boundaries of the live music experience here in Providence…Manifest has opened up so many opportunities for me as a performer, designer and music fan, and I look forward to the incredible journey that we’re all on together.”

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