Winter Tour 2019

Winter Tour 2019

Winter tour 2019 is here!

The tour features a combination of local and national acts ranging from Music Producers, Jam Bands, Rock Bands, Funk acts, and DJ’s.

At Dusk- the home of our local shows, you can catch acts such as Jabbawaukee, Meraki, The John Hanson Project, Good Trees River Band, Tai Chi Funk Squad, The Stupid Robots, Mease, Sacred Lake, and The Stone Road Band.

Winter Tour is also the start of the first ever performances by The Manifest Allstars- an improvisational super group of Providence based musicians from bands such as The Cosmic Factory, Slurp, Jabbawaukee, and Northeast Traffic.

Fete is our weekend spot and here you can catch some national acts supported by our local music scene. Check out our lineups featuring some of the best bass music and funk around including The New Motif and LuSid!

Our highlight show of the tour is our first ever event in Fete Music Hall’s ballroom Featuring Desert Dwellers, The Widdler, Living Light, and ILAS- sure to be one of the best bass shows on the East Coast this season!

The last show of Winter Tour is our first show at The Parlour and a very special birthday celebration for our videographer, promoter, and friend Kyle Shellmer. We’re bringing out Clay Parnell of Particle and Let’s Danza to sit in with Supergroup ILAS Live and Electro Politics and Meraki are sure to make this an unforgettable night!

We’re also sponsoring a bunch of shows at 1100 which is a brand new venue in Lincoln, RI. This space is full of art created by the one and only Reliquarium crew!

Get rid of those Winter Blues and come out to a show and party with us!

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